Viceroy Films manages film and video projects from initial concept to distribution.  The diversity of our work reflects 20 years of experience on commercials, documentaries and narrative films.  We are as comfortable on a 1 person journalism assignment as we are on a music video with 50 crew members.   With experience in Casting, Insurance, and Line Producing we have you covered on budgets and logistics.  As Producers of original content, we can offer trusted relationships with  film, television and web-based distribution channels to ensure your project is seen by the most eyes possible.  Our award winning work has appeared on over 30 major media outlets (History Channel, PBS, A&E,  ABC News, Hulu, Amazon Prime and dozens more) and been selected by major film festivals around the world. 







In association with Hello World Communications, we offer Virtual Reality production and post production services.   Our team enjoys taking a virtual reality/360 cinema project from a gleam in a customer's eyes than unforgettable VR/360 cinema experience.   The initial 12 IBM VR projects garnered over one million hits.  That project was followed by successful VR projects for Mohegan Sun, Samsung and the United Nations.



Amazing to get such artistic shots in the middle of a construction site.  Beautiful!

— Elizabeth G. Baker, Producer

“Job Done!”

It's a relief to be able to hire someone who just gets the job done.

— James Moll, Producer, Academy Award Recipient

"A Balanced Look"

The Sky Below takes a hard and balanced look at the partition of the Asian subcontinent.  Singh's visually stunning piece is critical viewing for those seeking to better understand events in the region today.

— Noel Lateef, President and CEO, Foreign Policy Association


You created beautiful images for this project and I'd love to work with you again. 

— Emi Katayama, Producer, NHK


The sizzle reel looks fantastic! 

— Vicky Bugby Fashion Producer



I cannot get over the incredible filming job you did.  The footage is amazing.. 

— June Beallor, Producer, DNC, Academy Award Recipient


Thanks for your professionalism.  Really appreciated your creativity and generosity. 

— Yves Levesque, Producer, CBC/Radio Canada



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Ramin Fathie
Founder, Exec. Prod.

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Marc Cantone
Exec Prod., NYC


Michael Rosen
Exec. Prod., LA


Associates & Staff

Paul Yung
Director of E-Learning

Alex Salahi
Director of Photography

L. Rodriguez

R. Yoshida
Director of VR Production

X. Smith

C. Stifel
Creative Director

Founded in 1999 in New York by Ramin Fathie, the goal of providing clients a full array of dedicated and professional film, video and post production services across multiple genres.  We are genre agnostic and believe that visual storytelling applies across many business and creative disciplines.

Viceroy was a company of record for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Archive of American Television Project.  To date, over 200 extensive historical interviews have been conducted, including television luminaries Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Mary Tyler Moore, Sidney Lumet, Don Hewitt, Ted Turner, David Brinkley and Dan Rather. 

We concurrently worked in close collaboration with "Café Digital", overseeing field production in NY and LA for this Discovery Channel series that focused on current trends in science, technology and the (then) emerging internet.   Viceroy provided production services for the History Channel's "10 Days that Changed History", under the direction of Academy Award winner, James Moll and partnered with Academy Award winner June Beallor on 4 documentaries for the Democratic National Convention.  

We came aboard as Executive Producer for Ted Cieselski's "My Empire" a lyrical experimental film chosen to screen at the Tribeca Film Festival.  That same year, we co-produced  the Sarah Singh documentary, "The Sky Below", a multi award winning film about the devastating and lasting consequences of the partition of India/Pakistan.  On a lighter note, we helped launch The Onion News Network under the direction of Will Graham and provided field production for HGTV in over 6 US cities.

Recently, we Executive Produced and negotiated distribution for "Breach", a feature documentary directed by Jonny Zwick that focuses on the illegal whale trade in Iceland.

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